Assessment of Student Learning

University of Minnesota, Morris




DATE:          April 30, 2001


SUBJECT:   Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes



PRESENT:  Dian Lopez (Chair), Tim O'Keefe, Stephen Burks, Nancy Mooney, Eric Klinger, Engin Sungur, Kevin Ely



Unable to attend:     Edith Borchardt, Andy Uttke



The meeting began at 3:30 PM in the Student Activities Conference room.


The committee discussed the Electronic GenEd survey. The GenEd Survey has been updated, but certain editing of codes are needed to make the form functional. Mooney and Pederson will meet with John Bowers on Thursday to discuss the survey. O'Keefe said that the survey should be sent out to the committee members by the end of the week, allowing the survey to be tested before it is sent out to the seniors. O'Keefe said that he has an e-mail list of all seniors, and that an e-mail announcement of the GenEd Survey should be sent out by the end of the week by Pederson if possible. Lopez said that we must make sure that the survey works on both Mac and PC computers. It was noted that because of the limited time period, the survey results may be received by e-mail this year, and results hand tallied. Lopez said that this could be regarded as a pilot program this year, and that maybe we would receive enough information for significant results.


Lopez asked for a progress report from each sub-committee and what will need to be done in the upcoming year.


GenEd Sub-committee

O'Keefe discussed the GenEd Electronic Survey, indicating that a plan should be devised to enter the results in an Excel document, and that this should be in place this Fall. He said that the seniors completing the GedEd Survey will receive a $5.00 coupon for the UMM Bookstore as an incentive to complete the survey. Mooney said the coupon was approved by Chancellor Schuman, and that she has asked Gary Strei for a budget number. The committee discussed if the confirmation page should be turn in to the Info Center or the Registrar's Office to obtain the coupon for completion of the survey. It was a consensus that it should be done at the Registrar's Office, the committee felt that this would be more secure. O'Keefe said that next year the work of the GenEd committee should be kept the same.


Unit Assessment Sub-committee

Burks reported that the committee started off fairly strong with the survey of former students. Burks noted that Mooney, Ely, and himself were unable to attend the Fargo Conference in April because of the flooded road conditions. Mooney also noted that Pederson was able to receive a refund of the registration fee, all but $90 was refunded. Burks passed a copy of the unreleased draft of the current Former Student Survey for committee members to view. Burks said that in the Fall, Donovan should be asked to attend an ASL meeting and discuss the data, he also said that there would be no comparative advantage to compile the date now, rather than in the Fall. Lopez said that she had sent out a message to all Disciplines Coordinators regarding their form of Capstone Project. She said that she received good results, but the information is not compiled yet. The agenda for next year's ASL sub-committee will be:

1)    Former Student Survey

2)   Capstone Project

3)   GRE Reports (cost of reports, and who pays for the reports)


Mooney thought we could report with electronic files. She suggested that it be left up to the Disciplines to how and what they want to do, but they should report to the ASL committee. Lopez said that we could feed to Disciplines information and see what they have for us, she also said that a packet of information could be compiled for the Disciplines. Lopez suggested that we could give Disciplines assessment suggestions and information that we have collected and that they may want to schedule a meeting specifically to discuss assessment. We should offer to help them in any way they want to use our committee. The committee said that a section on Assessment should be added to the Data Book. Lopez said that more information on ETS should be obtained before Fall. Mooney said that she will talk to Kill about the ETS expenses. The committee decided that the Undergraduate Summer reports for the last 4 years should be ordered now, and that Chancellor Schuman should be contacted about the expense of the report. It was also suggested that Dean Schwaler be contacted to inquire about a budget for the ASL committee and also to attend a Fall ASL meeting. Lopez said that she would forward the responses from the Discipline Coordinators about the Capstone projects to Pederson for tabulation of results by the workstudy students.


Portfolio Sub-committee

Lopez reported that the sub-committee met often in the fall, but not much in the spring. She said that she and Matt Connor have written a grant to use the Portfolio program in the Computer Science Seminar Course. Lopez reported that Connor is very interested in the electronic portfolio, and that he is willing to teach faculty how to use it, possibly at a Fall Workshop or through the Library. Lopez said that the First Year Seminar course may use the electronic portfolio, it depends if a Professor chooses to use it or not. Klinger asked what kind of student responses there have been. Lopez reported some students liked it and some didn't. She said that in the beginning, the portfolio was not used as efficiently as it could have been, and that was a complaint. She also noted that the portfolio has some problems of its own that need to be worked out. Ely said that he is not personally using the portfolio, but he has heard apprehension from some. Sungur said that next years committee should look at Web CT. Ely discussed his experience with Web CT in his History class, and how it works.


The committee discussed who would be returning to serve on the ASL committee next year. Lopez said she will serve as the Chair of the committee. Mooney said that we need to find another Assessment Conference to attend. Lopez stated that an Assessment Conference this Fall through the Collaborative Learning was suggested to her by A. Farrell. Mooney also suggested that we should possibly invest in software that is specifically for creating surveys. Klinger said that John Parish from Connecticut has created a software for creating surveys and that we could contact him for more information. It was questioned how expensive this type of software is, and what budget would pay for it.


Topics for September

¨    5-year review


Our main topic for September is to begin tabulating results to be used in the five-year review.


The committee moved and seconded to approve the minutes for February 26, 2001, with one abstention.


Meeting adjourned at 4:35 PM



Respectfully submitted,


Linda Pederson