Assessment of Student Learning

Task Force for the Assessment of Student Learning (TFASL)

Minutes for meeting #17

May 21, 1997; 4pm in the Prairie Lounge

Present: Engin Sungur, Dean Schuman, Nat Hart, Gwen Rudney, Edith Borchardt

Absent: Bert Ahern, Jim Cotter, Tom Johnson, Eric Bass, Jason Kohler

Guest(s): None


Senior Survey

The following disciplines have asked the TFASL to distribute a senior survey which focuses on their discipline to their graduating seniors this spring:

1) Latin American Studies

2) Political Science

3) Chemistry

4) English

5) Biology

6) French

7) Secondary Education

8) Geology

9) Philosophy

10) Mathematics

11) German

12) Physics

13) Computer Science

The assessment of general education will begin next fall when the Assessment of Student Learning Committee seeks input from the faculty about expected outcomes and assessment methods concerning general education.


The funding proposal for the Assessment of Student Learning is combined with the Faculty Research and Development Center. On Friday, Dean Schuman was told that the proposal looked good, and it would be moved forward with a positive recommendation. At this time, it looks like the Assessment of Student Learning and the Faculty Research and Development Center will receive the funding they need. This funding will cover things like; administrative expenses, a salary for the committee director, funding for space to keep records, as well as other expenses.

Nat Hart suggested that disciplines' requests for additional resources for assessment purposes should go through the discipline's budgetary channels and administrative channels before coming to the Assessment of Student Learning Committee. The task force agreed with his suggestion.

NCA Response

Dean Schuman said that there has been no response from NCA in relation to the Assessment of Student Learning Progress Report II. The Chancellor will call NCA and ask them to evaluate the report and to send feedback to the TFASL.

Time Table

The TFASL needs an assessment plan for the assessment process. Engin Sungur said it is still too early to do this, but he would work on a plan and would send it via email to the task force members. This assessment plan will be kept as easy and uncomplicated as possible. This assessment will help the TFASL figure out the monetary costs and time involvement needed to do assessment of student learning.

submitted by Julie Brotzler