Assessment of Student

Assessment of Student Learning


DATE: Friday, September 24, 1999

3:30 PM in the Prairie Lounge

SUBJECT: Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes


PRESENT: Vicky Demos (Chair), Jacqueline Edmonson, Eric Klinger, Dian Lopez, Jenny Nellis,

Tim O’Keefe, Engin Sungur


ABSENT: Stacey Parker Aronson, Michael Jones, Nathan Thooft


The meeting began with the introduction of all committee members. Committee responsibilities were discussed.

Five goals for the year were reviewed and the committee came to a consensus in approving them for the years work.

AGENDA FOR 1999-00

1) Complete Assessment Plans

2) Visit with each academic unit

3) Publicize the Assessment Committee


4) Prepare for NCA visit by:

5) Provide and receive contact from other institutions regarding assessment.

There was a discussion of each sub-committee; some descriptions have been modified. Please note, duties listed in quotation marks were added, more recent and authoritative. Committee members were selected. For Fall Semester, sub-committees are to work on their tasks and report on their progress at the second committee-as-a-whole meeting on November 12. At the third and final meeting of the semester, December 10, we will have a discussion of sub-committee reports and consider what work we will do in the Spring Semester. It was decided that the Consultative Committee would be contacted to recommend a faculty member, outside of the assessment committee, for each of the Assessment of General Education and Publicity and Review Sub-committees.

Unit Assessment Sub-committee

Duties: To design discipline and co-curricular academic program assessment processes survey and input forms, to evaluate planning and application states of the discipline and co-curricular academic program assessment processes.

"To facilitate discipline and co-curricular program assessment processes. The committee will meet with each discipline to answer questions about the discipline’s assessment plan and offer to help them carry through the assessment."

Committee members: Engin Sungur (Chair), Jenny Nellis, Jacqueline Edmonson, Eric Klinger

Joint Sub-committee for Assessment of General Education

Duties: To develop a comprehensive and detailed assessment plans for First Year Seminar, to design assessment instruments and oversee their implementations, to produce reports on the implementation for the Curriculum and Assessment committees.

"To develop a plan to assess the general education program (including measurement intrument), to oversee its implementation, and to produce reports for the Curriculum and Assessment committees."

Committee members: Vicky Demos (Chair), Engin Sungur, Tim O’Keefe

Publicity and Review Sub-committee

Duties: To assess and promote the UMM Assessment Process and including Implementation, to develop and implement instruments to measure the overall effectiveness of the assessment process, to produce a mechanism that will provide information on the opinion and attitude of the faculty toward assessment and help to see the changes on opinions and attitudes throughout the years, to clarify the needs of the units, to produce reports to improve the assessment process.

"To promote assessment at UMM; to educate and inform UMM faculty about assessment, to provide institutional information to those outside of UMM about the UMM assessment plan, to review the work of the Assessment committee and sub-committees and to provide feedback to them about the process."

Committee members: Dian Lopez (Chair), Stacey Parker Aronson

Subsequent to the meeting, Stacey Parker Aronson expressed a strong preference to serve on the Publicity and Review Sub-committee. Eric Klinger will now serve on the Unit Assessment Sub-committee.


Folder listing committee membership, please add student names: Nathan Thooft, Michael Jones

Meeting agenda

Unit Assessment Plan Input Form

Assessment of General Education Program

Speech communication

*Folders containing the above information will be sent to Stacey Parker Aronson, Nathan Thooft, and Michael Jones.


Meeting adjourned at 4:40 PM.


The next meeting will be Friday, November 12,1999 in the Prairie Lounge.