of Student Learning

April 21, 2006
Assessment of Student Leaning Committee Minutes

Katherine Benson (Chair), Therese Buchmiller, Paul Myers, Matt Senior, James Togeas and Nancy Helsper

Donna Chollett, Mark Fohl, Nathan Swanson and Cassie McMahon

Benson called the ASL meeting to order at 1:30 PM in the Moccasin Flower Room.

ASL Minutes 12/02/05
Benson asked for corrections/additions or approval of the ASL Minutes dated December 2, 2005. A motion by (Togeas/Buchmiller) to approve the minutes as amended; minutes unanimously approved.

NCA Report
Helsper distributed the NCA Report; noting a report on implementing a comprehensive plan for assessing student learning outcomes is due November 2007.

Assessment Web Template
Helsper presented the new Assessment Web pages and explained the contents of the assessment website were not changed; all information transferred to the new templates. Helsper showed the page design, noting the navigational bars and links. Helsper said the Discipline Assessment reports could be sent as a word document to her for the web. Members discussed if the old reports should be replaced with the new reports or if they should remain on the site. Benson said it is a good comparison for NCA to see both the old and new reports; but reorganizing the reports in the future may be needed. The ASL members approved the templated version of the Assessment Website for uploading to the web.

Discipline Assessment Report
Benson reported Social Science have report updates; but noted Swanson has not had the time to work with the Science Division. Benson asked Myers to contact disciplines in Science for updated assessment reports, Myers agreed to do so. Senior reported most disciplines in Humanities have 2004 report; some do not

General Education Subcommittee Report
Helsper reported implementation of the GenEd Survey on March 13-31, 2006 to graduating seniors. Three hundred thirty four (334) invites mailed to seniors, one hundred twenty one (121) students responded, which is a 36.2 % response rate. Helsper noted the response rate is lower than in past years, and is concerned about over surveying seniors. Helsper said UMM survey working group would meet in May; we can ask their recommendation of survey software or software monkey (this is cheaper) and if it is possible UMM can take it over. Other discussion included:

Buchmiller recommends we work with the survey work group in facilitating the surveys, and suggest we try the lottery option; noting this may raise the survey response rate.

NCA Request for Measurable Objectives for the Goals of General Education
Benson discussed the Measurable Objectives (Social Science SS) document (Draft) ; noting the NCA mandated the measurable objectives for GenEd. Benson said a sub-committee of the ASL and Curriculum committee met last year to develop measurable objectives, but has not met this year. Benson said the sub-committee did not obtain measurable objective for all disciplines; the Dean suggested continuing the work. Benson said the conclusion to our Assessment Committee is Social Science is the most difficult to develop measurable objectives. Discussion included:

Helsper said the report to NCA is due November 2007 showing UMM is meeting the GenEd measurable objective; and said a plan is needed and suggested the joint sub-committee (sub-committee of ASL and Curriculum committees) meet.. Togeas said he is chairing the ASL committee next year, and would like a plan in place; and suggested a summer meeting. Helsper noted the NCA want UMM to look at student learning, how we are trying to improve it, and to show data to back it up.

Benson asked for a motion to use the Measurable Objectives. Motion: (Togeas/Buchmiller) Recommends using the Measurable Objectives from the ASL Committee; it unanimously carried.

Meeting adjourned at 2:42 P.M.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson