Assessment of Student Learning


DATE/TIME: Tuesday, May 5, 1998

3:00 PM in the Student Activities Conference Room

SUBJECT: Minutes of the Eleventh Meeting of the Committee on Assessment of Student Learning

PRESENT: Bert Ahern (Chair), Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Tom Johnson, Carol Marxen, Engin Sungur (Coordinator of Assessment)

ABSENT: Jim Cotter, Mario French, Aaron O’Leary, Erica Rosch, Dean Sam Schuman



Subcommittee Reports

Unit Assessment

Gen Ed

Assessment of Assessment

Progress Report on Senior Surveys


Subcommittee Reports

¨ GenEd Interim Report (Ahern, Klinger, Leroux, Taylor, Schuman, Sungur)

Still developing, but expect to have soon, a clear statement for abstract systems and historical perspectives for objectives and methods of outcome. Will abide with home-made system and not use standardized tests.

¨ Unit Assessment (Cotter, French, Johnson, Sungur)

Want to resist acting as if we have final answers, but people want guidelines. Review of unit assessment plans completed and meeting with discipline coordinators.

¨ Assessment of the Assessment (Bezanson, French, Johnson, Ng)

An e-mail had been sent to committee members listing proposed questions with reactions requested. A lengthy discussion followed concerning the draft questionnaire. Why avoid a middle choice? Moderate people tend to go on middle ground whether 5 or 7 options. Want strong opinions so will leave off a middle answer. Survey set up so Questions 2-4 will explain what they mean by answer to Question 1. The comments they give will help even more than whether they strongly disagree or strongly agree with questions. Decided to go with subcommittee questions and send a hard copy to discipline coordinators.

Progress Report on ‘98 Senior Surveys

We have received about 150 surveys so far.

Next meeting is scheduled for May 19 at 3:00 PM in the Prairie Lounge.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM.