Assessment of Student Learning

DATE/TIME:Thursday, Dec. 4, 1997

8:00 AM in the Prairie Lounge

SUBJECT:Minutes of the Fifth Meeting of the Committee on Assessment of Student Learning
PRESENT:Bert Ahern (Chair), Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Jim Cotter, Tom Johnson, Aaron O'Leary, Carol Marxen, Erica Rosch, Sam Schuman (Dean), Engin Sungur (Coordinator of Assessment)
ABSENT:Mario French


General Education Subcommittee Report

Timetable for Unit Survey

Issues Pending for Winter Quarter

[including meeting schedule]

Bezanson Memo of 12/1/97



'98 Senior Survey

General Education Subcommittee Report

Need to work with Curriculum Committee for assessment of general education.

GenEd sub-committee: Schuman, Sungur, Ahern

Leroux, Taylor


Focus in on a few parts of general education. Ask faculty where students do the best.

Analyze returned senior and faculty surveys to decide what to assess in general education.

Three-fourths of courses now general education. Doesn't make sense to have each professor assess own course for general education assessment.

Meeting Schedule

ASL Committee will meet Tuesdays at 2 PM every other week starting January 13.


Assessment to touch on all official student learning.

In faculty mailbox the first week of January. Will be due January 23.

Check on procedure to get senior surveys out in winter quarter.

Will have Assessment 101 video showing.

Need to assess the assessment plan and look at finance of assessment. Will do this after we get survey plans back.

Assessment of the Assessment sub-committee: Bezanson




Bezanson Memo

Need to keep our focus on student learning and not just a graded standard from NCA. There is a frustration from feeling the method is being imposed on us.

Do we have to create assessment plan for web-based GenEd courses?

Do we assess ourselves differently in face-to-face classes than through web classes?

Need to ask students what they think they have learned. This is more important than asking faculty what they have taught.

Next meeting will January 13 at 2 PM. Location to be announced later.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 AM.