Assessment of Student

Assessment of Student Learning


DATE: Tuesday, April 6, 1999

12:00 PM in the Moccasin Flower Room

SUBJECT: Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes

PRESENT: Jim Cotter (Chair), Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Eric Klinger, Aaron O'Leary, Jenny Nellis, Engin Sungur (Coordinator of Assessment)

ABSENT: Carol Marxen, Leslie Meek



No names should be used in information disclosed on graduates in unit plans. Would be helpful to be able to get information from Alumni Relations/Career Center on number of UMM graduates by major who went on to graduate school (with list of graduate schools) and/or their work titles now.

Need to decide now exactly what information is needed for unit plans. Hard to retrieve in five years.



Changing title of the process and committee to "Student Learning" from "Assessment of Student Learning" is everything. Assessment doesn't give anyone direction. Development, learning, and assessment should be the structure information so the flow is better.

Since we monitor and facilitate the process of student learning, maybe use "Assessment for Student Learning."

Role of the ASL Committee is to evaluate the assessment process. The goal is to improve student learning. UMM is doing assessment already. For the most part, we need to write down this systematic approach to what units are doing.

Mission statement in Bulletin. Objectives can't be driven by assessment. Universal goals for liberal arts housed in general education and major.

Find common threads from what came out in unit plans. Need to publicize and get discussion going. On the ASL web page, everyone can look at all the unit plans.


Meeting adjourned at 12:55 PM.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, April 20, 1999 at the Moccasin Flower Room.