Date: February 15, 2011 (9:00-9:50 @ Prairie Lounge)

Present: Stacey Parker Aronson (chair), Cyrus Bina, Holly Gruntner (student representative), Kristin Lamberty, Jennifer Rothchild

Absent: Vicki Graham, Nancy Helsper, Carrie Jepma, Michael O’Reilly,


Update on Assessment Templates:

We discussed the qualitative template (prepared by Stacey and Carrie) and the quantitative template (prepared by Kristin and Michael). Minor editorial changes were suggested and will be incorporated. We will upload these to the committee website prior to March 4, 2011. Kristin is also preparing a humorous template.



Stacey will continue to gather and try to answer the FAQs for the Assessment Committee website. She will also solicit other questions from the campus community for posting to the website.


Assessment Report Compliance:

Stacey informed the committee that two division chairs had contacted her to tell her that assessment reports are forthcoming. Upon receiving them, she will send an e-mail in which she thanks the disciplines for their compliance and asks them if they would like any feedback on their assessment report in order to plan for future reports.

Kristin suggested that we announce our templates and offers to assist with the assessment reports at the next Campus Assembly meeting, to take place on Tuesday, March 8 at 4:30 p.m.