Assessment of Student Learning

University of Minnesota, Morris







DATE:             Friday, February 16, 2007


SUBJECT:      Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes   


PRESENT:      Jim Togeas (Chair), Donna Chollett, Mark Fohl, Nancy Helsper, Nathan Swanson, Pu Lum Kim, and Dave Loewi


ABSENT:        Therese Buchmiller, Paul Myers, Matt Senior, Fang Du, and Minh Vo



The meeting began at 8:05 AM in the Prairie Lounge.


ASLC Minutes

Togeas asked for corrections/additions/deletions or approval of the ASLC Minutes dated December 5, 2006, minutes unanimously approved.


Discipline Assessment Activities

Togeas reported that during the past two months he has talked with many colleagues about discipline assessment; Togeas distributed the Discipline assessment activities report he prepared.  Togeas summarized the assessment activities of several disciplines in each of the four divisions.

 Elementary Education. 

-       Togeas noted Elementary Education discipline has a lot of assessment data and he will meet with G. Rudney next week to discuss how to use the information for the assessment report.


-       Togeas said he attended a meeting of discipline coordinators and explained the needed information for the assessment report.  He reviewed the assessment activities of several disciplines; noting we have rich assessment information from the Humanities Division.

Social Sciences

-       Togeas summarized meetings he had with disciplines and summarized assessment activities of disciplines.

Science & Mathematics

-       Togeas summarized assessment activities of several disciplines in Science and Mathematics


Togeas said we have a lot of information for meeting our goals (course, major, general education) in the report.  He asked if there were any concerns in what we were doing.  Helsper commented that she was concerned that faculty are assessing the course (what they want out of the course), not the goals of the major.  A member asked if each discipline has gone through a process to articulate what the goals are of each discipline, major, and the information needed for the accreditation report.


Helsper distributed an excerpt from Faculty Consultative Committee (1/18/06) in regards to seven Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes for the Twin Cities campus.  Helsper read the statement

-       encourages the coordinate campuses to review and consider the adoption and implementation of these undergraduate learning outcomes for their campuses, as well.



Helsper asked if we could work with the Twin Cities; noting she felt it is a good idea to discuss it and get on board with the TC.  Togeas pointed out that this would need to go to Assembly for adoption.


NCA Report

Togeas discussed the format of the NCA report.  He said it would be a two-part report. The first part would be a summary major-by-major of assessment activities (one – two pages each), making the first part twenty-five to fifty pages in length.  The second part of the report (appended to the report) would consist of discipline assessment reports received.  Helsper suggested including the CIRP, NSSE, and General Education reports as campus level assessment.


Members discussed inviting the discipline coordinator and assessment person to discuss the NCA report.  Members agreed to hold a forum, to inform the discipline coordinator or assessment person of assessment expectations for the NCA report. Discussion followed.

-       Discussed locations (Science 1020, Cow Palace, or Moccasin Flower room)

-       Helsper would show the Assessment Plans on Web – this would make more of an impression on how to do the reports.

-       Togeas and Helsper will discuss/write the invitation, but it was noted the memo should come from the Interim Dean

-       The meeting should be set up after the last class of the day.


The meeting adjourned at 8:50 AM.


Submitted by:

Linda Pederson