Assessment of Student Learning

University of Minnesota, Morris









DATE:             April 27, 2007


SUBJECT:      Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes   


PRESENT:      Jim Togeas (Chair), Mark Fohl, Nancy Helsper, Dave Loewi, Nathan Swanson, and Minh Vo


ABSENT:        Therese Buchmiller, Donna Chollett, Fang Du, Pu Lum Kim, Paul Myers and Matt Senior



The meeting began at 8:02 AM in the Prairie Lounge.


ASLC Minutes

Togeas asked for corrections/additions/deletions or approval of the ASLC Minutes dated February 16, 2007, minutes unanimously approved.


April 4 Forum

Togeas briefly reported about the April 4 forum with discipline coordinators and division chairs; noting Judy Kuechle sent the memo requesting discipline coordinators and division chairs to attend.  Helsper reviewed the background of the ASL website with the 17 people in attendance at the forum.

Helsper said a faculty member questioned if a template is available for the assessment report; noting at this time there is not. Helsper noted the NCA report is due November 1, 2007 and the next accreditation is 2009-2010.


Discipline Reports

Togeas reviewed the updated discipline reports; either sent or promised to us by the disciplines. Togeas said we have something from each discipline.  Togeas noted in some cases, there would not be much, but in some cases, there is a great deal.  Togeas said he plans to draft a summary report based on the Studio Arts Assessment report.


Report Outline

Togeas reviewed the tentative outline of the report to the NCA; noting he will be the author and asked for additional suggestions. Suggestions included:

1.     Include NSSE and CIRP Surveys

2.     Improved student learning should be separate, not included in Number 3 of Section One.


Togeas said he would draft the report during the summer; and seek guidance/review of the report in the fall from the committee.


Assessment Cycle

Togeas discussed the possibility of a four-year cycle for assessment; resulting in two cycles between accreditation visits.  Togeas said if the cycle is four years, one could avoid having it close during a catalog year.   Togeas said during each year of the cycle, disciplines could assess some of their objectives, but would not have to do all of them every year.  The cycle would close with the preparation and collection of assessment reports and posted to the web every four years.  Togeas asked for responses to the four-year cycle.  Fohl said it made sense to have the reports completed every four years and have the Dean review them.  Helsper noted that currently we have been asking for assessment reports annually, and a longer cycle may be better and will produce what we want.  Togeas said he would talk with the new Dean during the summer about assessment and how to address assessment changes.


The meeting adjourned at 8:50 AM.


Submitted by:

Linda Pederson