Date: September 13, 2010
Present: Stacey Aronson (chair), Michael O’Reilly, Kristen Lamberty, Jennifer Rothchild, Carrie Jepma, Cheryl Contant (dean, ex-officio), Nancy Helsper
Absent: Vicky Graham, Cyrus Bina, student representatives


Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Survey:

Before we proceed with the SLO Survey as we had originally intended, the general consensus was that we needed to come up with shared outcomes and shared definitions for the SLOs. For this, we should collaborate with the Curriculum Committee. We will request that the Curriculum Committee provide more descriptors for the SLOs to help us come up with shared understanding of just what precisely the terms mean. The SLOs can be assessed from an institutional perspective (General Education courses, majors, co-/extra-curricular activities) that supersedes discipline perspectives. We need to guard against “assessment fatigue” on the part of disciplines.

Michael reminded the committee that, while not all students will meet these SLOs, it should be viewed as a goal to which UMM should aspire. He also suggested that we start with the General Education courses to see how these fit into the SLOs. We briefly discussed different ways to assess these.

We discussed the possibility of incorporating the SLOs into the exit survey.

Future Agenda Items / Initiatives:

Š          Jennifer suggested that we develop a type of “cheat sheet” with definitions, frequently used terms and FAQs.

Š          Carrie, Kristen and Stacey will look at the General Education designators in light of the SLOs, particularly the italicized points #1 through #4, to see what they are supposed to accomplish. This subcommittee will meet on Monday, September 27 at 3:30.

Š          Stacey will solicit discipline assessment reports from the Division Chairs. At this point, these reports will not address the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).

Š          Stacey will reconsider a convenient meeting time for committee members.