Minutes of the meeting of the Assessment of Student Learning Committee, Sept 25, 2009.


Present Nancy Helsper, Tap Payne, Kristen Kamberty, Carrie Jepma, Jennifer Roschild, Michael O’Reilly (chair). Apologies: Kaitlin Thompson, Arne Kildegaard.


1.       The minutes of the meeting of April 17 were confirmed with one typo correction.


2. It was reported that most of the Discipline assessment reports for 2008 – 09 had been received and were on the web. Members were asked to start reviewing some or all of these reports with an eye to giving feedback to Disciplines on the structure of their assessment process. Initial attention was to be given to the items in the earlier specific request from the ASLC, namely attention to GenEd courses outside of the major,  the identification of objectives, and the measures used.


3. There was discussion on the feasibility of making continuous changes as a result of assessment. There was no specific outcome to the discussion.


4. Carrie Jepma outlined the assessment terminology used by educationalists  involved in assessment.


5. The next meeting was set for Oct 23, 3.30 – 4.30, with the purpose of commencing review of the Discipline reports.


(These brief minutes were taken by M. O’Reilly, in the absence of a recording secretary.)