Assessment of Student Learning

University of Minnesota, Morris







DATE:             October 11, 2007


SUBJECT:      Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes   


PRESENT:      Jim Togeas (Chair), Therese Buchmiller, Donna Chollett, Tom Johnson, Michael O’Reilly,

                          Hsing-Wen Hu, Nancy Helsper, Abby Swafford, and Chris Vinderslev


ABSENT:        Mary Elizabeth Bezanson



The meeting began at 9:05 AM in the Blue Stem Room with a brief introduction of committee members.


ASLC Minutes

The ASLC Minutes dated 04/27/07 approved.


NCA Report

Togeas gave a brief overview about the NCA Report for the benefit of new ASLC members.

Togeas said the NCA instructed us two years ago to produce a report on assessment of academic programs and of General Education; noting this report is due on or before November 1, 2007.  Togeas said last year the ASLC developed a plan and format to produce the report and began collecting information from individual disciplines.  Togeas produced a report at the end of August, (it was available at the Fall Faculty Retreat), but noted that not all of the disciplines were in the report at this time.  (One copy in two parts of the Assessment Report was available for viewing during the ASLC meeting). Togeas said he had drafted a report using the Mathematics Discipline as a prototype and sent it to the Chancellor and Interim Dean (Kuechle) and also sent it to the Mathematics Discipline for reaction. He noted that McQuarrie said it was an accurate reflection of the Mathematics Discipline, and the Chancellor and Interim Dean approved the format.  Togeas reported receiving assessment reports from all disciplines, except Geology, noting some very interesting assessment.  Togeas said the report is due in Chicago on November 1, and would like to have the report revised and in the mail by October 22.  Other discussion included:



Assessment of General Education (Draft)

Togeas discussed the draft report on general education with members, asking for revisions or modifications. 

Other discussion


Togeas said revisions to the report would be ready by beginning of the week; Tom Johnson volunteered to review the revisions.


Before the next meeting, Togeas will meet with the Chancellor and Interim Dean to discuss the plan for the assessment cycle plan, and if a plan should be constructed before, the new Dean is here.


The meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM.


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson



[1] Section 8.  Assessment of Student Learning Committee


A.    Membership


The Assessment of Student Learning Committee consists of ten members, including one faculty member from the Division of Education, and two each from the Divisions of Humanities, Science & Math, and Social Sciences, and two students.  The Dean or his designee will serve as ex officio.


B.     Powers


The Assessment of Student Learning Committee oversees and provides support to all aspects of the assessment process, receives all data and materials generated by assessment activities, recommends improvements in the assessment program and disseminates reports on the results of assessment and the initiatives based on assessment intended to improve student learning.