Assessment of Student Learning

DATE: Tuesday, October 31, 2006
SUBJECT: Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes

James Togeas (Chair), Donna Chollett, Paul Myers, Tisha Turk, Mark Fohl, Nancy Helsper, Minh Vo and Nathan Swanson

ABSENT: Therese Buchmiller, Fang Du and Pu Lum Kim

The meeting began at 9:00 AM in the Prairie Lounge.

Togeas said we would continue the agenda from the last meeting; noting the minutes of 10/24 would wait until the next meeting for approval.

I. Status of Data Gathering
Togeas reviewed the Disciplines, asking faculty members of the committee to share their knowledge of the assessment efforts in their Divisions.


Togeas said we would contact the disciplines (Music, Philosophy, and Theatre Arts) for their assessment information.

Science & Mathematics

Social Science

Togeas reviewed the GenEd Categories, noting some categories are covered, others we will have to collect information from. A member questioned how the data would be put together when assessment data collected is done differently. Togeas said the report (not sure who will be writing it) may be written as a summary report by discipline. Helsper suggested putting the assessment reports on the website. Helsper said this was a catalog year and noted that disciplines did not answer the questions on Form A and Form B on assessment. A member suggested a sub-committee review the assessment plans on the web; and if there are examples of changes made for course improvement. Togeas noted he reviewed some of the assessment plans in place. Togeas noted two levels:

  1. Can we see how things are working now for our own use (put on next agenda)
  2. Make sure in the next catalog year that Form A and Form B (Question on Assessment) is completed. Togeas said he would review the forms and send an e-mail to Kuechle; noting the future Dean should be aware of it.

Helsper suggested asking the disciplines to fill out the questions (Form A, Form B) and submit to the ASLC; this may be additional information for the report.

II. Data Gathering

Togeas asked if he should send a memo to Discipline coordinators and ask what type of assessment plan is in place or if one of the ASLC members should contact members in their Division.

Vo suggested sending a memo to all disciplines requesting assessment information and noting future follow-up from ASLC member(s). Togeas replied he is more concerned with disciplines whose assessment efforts we don't know. Togeas said he would send a memo (tailored to specific data) to the Disciplines, and would follow-up with a universal memo later.

GenEd Survey
Helsper asked if the GenEd survey should be administered this spring, and if so, she would need to contact the IRR. Helsper noted that the GenEd survey has been administered since 2002. Members agreed that the GenEd survey should be administered again this spring; Helsper will contact and schedule the GenEd survey with the IRR.

Togeas distributed reflections from the last meeting to the ASLC.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 AM.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson