Date: November 17, 2010 (9:15-10:20)

Present: Stacey Parker Aronson (chair), Vicki Graham, Holly Gruntner (student representative), Nancy Helsper, Carrie Jepma, Kristin Lamberty, Michael OReilly, Jennifer Rothchild

Absent: Cyrus Bina


Update on SLOs & GENED comparisons:

Stacey communicated with the Dean and the Curriculum Committee. She asked for more specific definitions of terms. She also shared with the Curriculum Committee the comparisons between the Student Learning Outcomes and the descriptions of the General Education Requirements as made by the subcommittee (Carrie Jepma, Kristin Lamberty, Stacey Parker Aronson) and asked the committee for feedback. According to the chair, Dean Contant, the Curriculum Committee will consider our request at the end of the month.


Assessment Report Compliance:

Stacey informed the committee that she had sent requests for assessment reports to division chairs on two occasions since our last meeting. To date, she has only received two new assessment reports, both from the Division of Math & Science. These have been forwarded to Nancy Helsper and uploaded to the website.

The committee continues to be concerned by the lack of compliance from among the disciplines. Michael suggested that direct contact with discipline coordinators might help. Kristin also suggested that the program review cycle also helps keep disciplines on track to do assessments. Some reasons generated by the committee to account for the lack of compliance include:

          Assessment report writers may feel that they have no support or help from other discipline members.

          There are no incentives for compliance or disincentives for lack of compliance.

          ASLC critique report for process, not necessarily content.

          No on seems to know neither where the assessment report information goes nor how it is being used by disciplines and by the administration.

          Some disciplines are resistant to the assessment process.


Committee members made suggestions as to how to increase compliance.


          Provide a brief e-mail with bullet points to give instructions as to how to simplify the writing of an assessment report (for example, select one course to assess, etc.).

          Remind disciplines that catalogue updates and program reviews can be tied to the assessment reports.

          Send committee members to help disciplines with their assessment reports (from last year and for next year).

          Create two templates, one for quantitative assessments and one for qualitative assessments.

          Refer to previously submitted assessment report to identify and annotate exemplars.

          Organize a workshop for writing assessment reports.




          Michael will look at the assessment reports from 2008-09 to try to identify exemplary ones.

          Michael and Kristin will identify and create a quantitative template.

          Carrie will find a qualitative template (see Janets document) and will draft a list of terms with their appropriate definitions (for example, direct measures, indirect measures, etc.).

          Kristin will author a humorous template.


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 1 at 9:15. Stacey will identify a meeting site.