DATE: December 5, 2006
SUBJECT: Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes
PRESENT: Jim Togeas (Chair), Therese Buchmiller, Donna Chollett, Paul Myers, Tisha Turk, Mark Fohl, Nancy Helsper, and Nathan Swanson.
ABSENT: Fang Du, Minh Vo, and Pu Lum Kim

The meeting began at 9:05 AM in the Prairie Lounge.

ASL Minutes
Togeas asked for corrections/additions/deletions or approval of the ASL Minutes dated October 24 and October 31, 2006. Motion (Swanson/Chollett) to approve the October 24 and October 31 minutes; unanimously carried.

Togeas briefly described his conversations with faculty from Anthropology/Sociology, Philosophy, History, and Speech Communication disciplines about assessment activities; noting that the first three will have assessment reports in spring semester, whereas Speech Communication has exemplary assessment data now.

Discipline Web Reports
Togeas briefly reviewed the Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics assessment reports; noting assessment has been going on and improvements made in the courses.

Myers reported the Statistics discipline has a 15-page report that talks about the goal for capstone projects. He said the discipline would revise ‘expectations from students' and expects changes in the future. Biology has a 2-page document, which includes quantitative data from pre and post surveys. Myers said information is needed from the Geology discipline.

Buchmiller reported on Humanities disciplines (Music, Theatre, Art History, Philosophy, Speech Communication, Languages). She noted Music is working toward pre and post test, and inclusion of some things to implement into the exam at the end of the semester. She said Theatre Arts; assessment is more in terms of campus reaction. Buchmiller noted assessment is on track for Languages and Speech Communication, but lacking in Art History.

Fohl said Education bases much of their assessment on the states' requirement for licensing and teaches around the Standards of Effective Practice for Teachers. Togeas commented that the Education disciplines are a perfect example of what the NCA wants.

A member noted that many of the Interdisciplinary courses rely on individual courses for assessment and questioned whether this was acceptable by the NCA. A member suggested creating a template similar to the German Major for Interdisciplinary Majors to use for assessment. Discussion followed. Chollett and Togeas agreed to meet with the five Interdisciplinary Major coordinators during spring semester to make them aware of what we need to do and to discuss a plan. Chollett noted that Political Science has a thorough write-up, but no data results. Chollett reported the Psychology Major is trying to incorporate more statistics into its assessment, no data results yet.

Chollett suggested redesigning the whole assessment system to reflect what we are doing; she noted the system now repeats itself (Learning Objectives/Expected Outcome). Togeas said we may need to develop additional methods of assessment, but for now, we will do the best with what we have for writing the report this summer.

Togeas said he plans to send a memo to each discipline coordinator requesting a description of recent assessment activities and asked for guidance on the memo's content. Togeas read the memo; members suggested including a firm deadline date and to indicate that the discipline coordinator will be contacted if the ASLC does not receive the report.

Togeas said this is the final meeting for fall semester and thanked everyone for their work. Matt Senior will replace Tisha Turk spring semester. Pederson will request spring semester schedules in January.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 AM.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson