September 24, 2007




Graduating seniors are surveyed each year to gauge satisfaction with advising in the major.  The campus norms for Assessment of Advising in the Major, 2006-07 have been tabulated and are attached.  (To print, use the “landscape” option.)  The intent of the assessment is to provide advisers with direct feedback from your advanced standing advisees.


Advisers receive the only copy of the completed assessment and may use it as they wish. (Approved:  Campus Assembly, 2002.)  To protect the student’s identity, evaluations are distributed to an adviser only when five or more evaluations have been received.  If you do not receive a packet with evaluations in your campus mail box today, it is because fewer than five evaluations were returned. 


Survey Results for 2006-07:  Questions 1-6 address the level of satisfaction with various

adviser roles.  The Very Satisfied or Somewhat Satisfied ratings range from 73.1-91.4%.  The student’s satisfaction with advising in the major remains high; up slightly from the previous year (66.9-89.9% in 2005-06 and 74%-93% in 2004-05).  Advisers receive their highest ratings for showing respect and concern for their advisees (#6), providing information about academic requirements (#1).  Nice improvements in these areas.

            The Dissatisfied and Very Dissatisfied columns indicate that students would like more help finding out about academic alternatives (#3), program decisions, graduate school and career plans (#5), and assessing themselves (#4).  All of these responses are very similar to past survey results.


The Most Important column on the right indicates which advising role students consider most important to them.  Compare the positive ratings in questions 1-6 with how important the role is perceived to be.  For example, 34.7% of students think that advisers who show respect and concern for them is most important to them and 91.4% are satisfied (#6).  Question #2 indicates that 19.8% of students place highest priority in getting help to explore and clarify educational goals and 83.4% were satisfied with this aspect of advising.  Overall, 84.8% of the students report being Very Satisfied and Somewhat Satisfied with the the advising relationship and thought it met their expectations.  (This is up from 78.2% last year.  Nice work everyone!)


Evaluation forms are distributed to students as part of the graduation application process. 

Two hundred two seniors responded to the 2006-07 survey; this number is up slightly from 200 in 2005-06.  One hundred fifty-nine seniors responded to the first survey taken in 2002-03.  We will continue to work to improve the return rate for this assessment, and ask for your help in encouraging your advisees to return their survey.


If you have any questions, please contact me.


Brenda Boever, Advising