Assessment Plan 10/11

We intend to repeat the same assessment plan as in 09/10 with one change, based on the hypothesis that our students begin a course with virtually no firm knowledge of culture relevant to the course.


This year, the French Discipline is focusing on the latter part of this statement of objectives, that is, on studentsŐ abilities to think critically about the target cultures.


Our goal: Students should be able to write intelligently about French and/or Francophone cultures: social and political histories, literatures, and/or philosophies.


Method of assessment: Each instructor will create a pretest for each upper-division elective, to be administered in the first week of the course. Each instructor will randomly select two examples of the pretest in each elective course and compare individual pretest results to the papers/projects produced by these students at the end of the semester. These will be read and discussed as a discipline, particularly in light of pretest results.