Geology Discipline Assessment 2006-2007


Scope of assessment activities

         ___√__Course-embedded assessment

                     ___√___ Pre- and post-testing

         ______ Outside the classroom

         ______ Across the discipline

Direct measures of student learning

         ______ Capstone experience

         ______ Portfolio assessment

         ______ Standardized tests

         ______ Performance on national licensure, certification or

                     preprofessional exams

         ______ Qualitative internal and external juried review of

                     of comprehensive senior projects

         ______ Externally reviewed exhibitions and performances in

                     the arts

         ______ External evaluation of performance during internships


Discussion and Description

Discipline goals, direct measures, and improved student learning


         1. Geology discipline goals. The geology curriculum

      serves those interested in a broader knowledge of their natural environment and the geological sciences as part of their liberal arts education

      provides a firm foundation in geology, related sciences, and mathematics for students interested in the investigation and solution of geologic problems

      prepares students for graduate study in the geosciences and related areas

      provides the necessary background in earth science for those who plan to teach this field at the secondary level

      serves those in other professional or interdisciplinary programs who need geology as a related subject.


         2. Course-embedded assessment: pre- and post-test.

         The pre- and post-test format is used in some courses. However, no information is available for this report.


General education categories spanned by the discipline


            Most Geology courses carry either the Sci-L or Sci, physical and biological sciences with or without lab, resp., general education designator. One carries the Envt designator for people and the environment. Directed study, geology senior seminar, and geology senior seminar presentations carry no designator.