German Discipline Assessment 2006-2007


Scope of assessment activities

         ___√__Course-embedded assessment

                     ___√___ Pre- and post-testing

         ______ Outside the classroom

         ______ Across the discipline

Direct measures of student learning

         ______ Capstone experience

         ______ Portfolio assessment

         ___√__ Standardized tests

         ___√__ Performance on national licensure, certification or

                     preprofessional exams

         ______ Qualitative internal and external juried review

                     of comprehensive senior projects

         ______ Externally reviewed exhibitions and performances in

                     the arts

         ______ External evaluation of performance during internships


Discussion and Description

Discipline goals, direct measures, and improved student learning


         1. German discipline learning objectives

á      Comprehension and speaking in the target language.

á      Reading skills.

á      Reasoning and writing skills (includes word processing).

á      Cultural immersion through study abroad programs.

The assessment plan lists expected outcomes for each objective.


         2. Course-embedded assessment. Pre-test/post-test.

         Beginning German. A placement test is administered to students who have had previous experience with German and wish to enroll in German at UMM. It is administered again at the end of second semester of beginning German. Results for the second administration are used for two purposes:

i.      to gauge student learning during the year of beginning German.

ii.     to gauge student readiness for advanced work in German.

         The first purpose is undermined to some degree because not all students who enroll in beginning German take the placement test, some because they have had no previous experience with the language, and some for reasons that are not clear. However, all who take the pre-test show improvement on the post-test.

         The results of the first adminstration of the placement test are used to recommend whether the student should enroll in first-, second- or third-year courses. Hence, the results of the second administration can also be interpreted as a measure of the studentŐs readiness for advanced work. For students finishing beginning German in the springs of 2005 and 2006, 34.3% tested at the first-, 51.4 % at the second-, and 14.3 % at the third-year level.


         3. Other

         Additional information about assessment in German may be found in the German assessment report in the appendices.


                     General education categories spanned by the discipline


            German courses carry one of the following general education designators: FL, foreign language; IP, international perspective; ArtP, artistic performance; or Hum, communication, language, literature, and philosophy. Directed study and the senior project carry no general education designator.