University of Minnesota, Morris: Music Discipline

Assessment Plan 2010-2011

Program Review: Music B. A.

        Review student entrance procedures

o    Subcommittee/Discipline Faculty discussion

   Entrance assessment for accurate placement and advising


        Music reading skills

        Assess program effectiveness

o    Senior survey based on program objectives

Assessment Review: Music B. A.

        Course-embedded assessment

o    Music 4901: Senior Project and Portfolio

   Subcommittee/Discipline Faculty discussion

        Written senior projects


o    Course review

   Subcommittee/Discipline Faculty discussion

        Individual Performance Studies, 12XX and 32XX

o    Syllabus example

o    Define goals for both levels

o    Connect with adjunct faculty for input

o    Use results to inform revisions of fee structures and/or revisions to adjunct faculty contracts

        Review advising/assessment at end of second semester

o    Subcommittee/Discipline Faculty discussion



   General education requirements

Set date for spring assessment meeting to review findings and make recommendations based on findings.  Both findings and recommendations will be included in the final report.