Philosophy Discipline Assessment Report for 2008-2009


The Philosophy Discipline met on August 27, 2009  to discuss the outcome of the assessment activities carried out during the academic year 2008-2009


Last year, the three faculty worked on a form entitled “Assessment Criteria for Philosophy Papers” that would list all the aspects of a philosophy paper that are usually looked at in deciding the grade for a paper.  All faculty used this form in evaluating the final papers written for the following courses:


Phil 2151 Philosophy of Mind (Collier) 14 forms

Phil 3121 Political Philosophy (Frank) 13 forms

Phil 4000 History of Philosophy Seminar (Collier) 3 forms

Phil 4121 Philosophy of Language (Garavaso) 7 forms


The forms were used for grading, copied and returned to the students for them to appreciate how their grades were determined, and finally collected by the Philosophy Faculty.  We started the work of collecting data, discussing and evaluating them.  This work is continuing in the academic year 2009-2010.