Psychology Discipline Faculty's Ratings of Whether Own Students' and Other Faculty's Students' Empirical Investigations Completed During 2001-2003 Met Each of Three Objectives
Psy Discipline EI Assessment 2001-2003 Objective Rating of Whether Objective Was Met Others' EI's Composite Own EI's Composite
2. Competency in translating behavioral questions into the terms of scientific inquiry in psychology Met 15 30
Not met 1 0
3. Competency in reading and critically synthesizing the technical literature in psychology Met 15 30
Not met 1 0
4.Competency in quantifying and statistically analyzing behavior Met 14 28
  Not met 2 2
Place the number 1 in applicable cells to indicate "Met" or "Not met."
Leave other cells blank or enter a 0 (zero).
If something is unassessable, leave cell blank.

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