March 4, 2009

Anthropology and Sociology Discipline

Review of Major Courses and Mission


 We have been asked to provide data and rationales for the following:

1.     How our discipline contributes to UMMÕs mission

We have identified the following number of courses that contribute in these key areas:             

a.     Diversity : In addition to the survey courses in both majors, we teach 20 courses that contribute to this part of the mission. (Pelletier-5, Gilanshah-2, Rothchild-3, Dean-3, Chollett -4, Gashaw -3)

b.     Environmental concerns: 8 courses (Pelletier -1, Gilanshah-1, Rothchild-1, Dean-2, Chollett-3)

c.     Global citizenship: 13 courses (Pelletier-2, Gilanshah-2, Rothchild-3, Chollett-3, Gashaw-3)

d.     Commitment to research : 13 courses (Pelletier-1, Gilanshah-2, Rothchild-5, Chollett-2, Gashaw-3)

e.     First Year Seminar: we have rotated electives in order to participate in teaching FYS.


We also contribute to the mission of UMM by serving the Division and campus communities to an exceptional and disproportionate degree. Four of the six discipline members are Discipline Coordinators: Gashaw – Sociology/Anthropology; Chollett – Latin American Area Studies; Rothchild – (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies); and Pelletier – American Indian Studies. Chollett and Dean serve on the Environmental Studies Committee (Pelletier served on the committee in its planning stages), a major to which several of our courses contribute; five of us serve the Liberal Arts for the Human Services major.  Not only do we provide leadership in the interdisciplinary majors, our courses provide sometimes the bulk of required and elective courses in those majors while we also work to meet the needs of our Anthropology and Sociology majors.  


2.     How  we are responding to changes in enrollment

a.     We have collapsed or removed courses to improve enrollment while continuing to meet student needs.

                                               i.     Anth 4902 has been dropped as a capstone requirement in part due to low enrollment; due to the addition of a second track in the major – archaeology - and because we can meet that need in Anth 3401 Seminar in Anthropological Methodology and Anth 4901 Seminar in Anthropological Theory.

                                             ii.     Soc Methods and Soc Theory have been collapsed into two required courses from 4 options.

b.     We have added new courses to meet the changing interests and needs of students

                                               i.     Sociology of Aging

                                             ii.     Sociology of the Environment and Social Development  

                                            iii.     Archaeology

                                            iv.     North American Archaeology

                                              v.     Ecological Anthropology

                                            vi.     Latin American Archaeology