Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 09:03:39 -0500
From: Joan Reicosky <>
Subject: Assessment
Dian--Here is what we put together in response to your email guidelines.
1.Management/Economics Assessment as a discipline:

a. The persons responsible for program assessment for next year is Arne Kildegaard (fall), Cyrus Bina (spring), and discipline coordinator.

b. To develop technical, analytical, and conceptual skills needed for business positions and/or graduate studies (Management). To develop in students an understanding of the economic system and to critically evaluate alternative techniques to increase economic efficiency (Economic).

c. We assess our goal achievement through the satisfactory completion of course examinations, the use of various analytical tools and research methods to produce papers, prepare seminar presentations, and complete class projects.

d. Our curriculum has become more flexible by adding 2 credit modules courses, having several variable research topics for students to choose from, all management and economic majors will give a senior seminar, and allowing some interdisciplinary course credits to count toward graduation. Our assessment is a ongoing process and future modifications will be made.

2. Assessment of the senior seminar:

a. The goals for this course is for each student to do a directed research, to organize data, and through the use of power point present the information an organized/understandable manner before an audience.

b. The seminar assessment is done through peer evaluation (students need to attend 14 presentations) and by the faculty advisor to the student.

c. At the current time the seminar sessions are working well; however, as we add new faculty to the discipline, we need to streamline the process.

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