Assessment of the Discipline and the Major (Spring 2003)


Results of capstone and discipline questionnaires distributed to philosophy majors during the 2002-03 academic year were examined by members of the philosophy discipline toward the end of the spring semester (2003).


On the basis of these results, the discipline concluded that no change is required at this time. The comments on the questionnaires suggest that the philosophy program would be strengthened if more courses were offered in logic, history, and practical ethics. With a three-member philosophy discipline, this is not feasible.


Recent Curriculum Changes


The unanticipated departure of one of our colleagues, Tim O’Keefe, and budget retrenchments, forced the discipline to make some difficult choices for the 2003-04 academic year. To offer courses central to preserving the major, the discipline settled on the following.


One upper-level course in history (Ancient Philosophy), a lower-level course in practical ethics (Professional Ethics), a lower-level course in variable topics (Philosophy of Mind), and a lower-level course in the philosophy of religion would be dropped.


Key courses in required areas of concentration for the major, however, would all be offered.