Theatre Discipline Assessment Report 2002-2003



Learning Objective 1.  To provide a fundamental knowledge of the art, techniques and history of the theatre.



In 2002-2003 academic year the Theatre Discipline faculty taught 20 courses including two summer courses, and supervised 7 Directed Studies.  As is the case at UMM, each course and directed study had Student Opinion of Teaching Surveys administered and numerical scores tabulated.  The Theatre Discipline Coordinator read each teaching evaluation for each course.  Teaching techniques, styles and problems were regularly discussed in weekly theatre faculty meetings.


Of those courses there were 135 A's awarded, 54 B's awarded, 7 C's awarded, 2 D's Awarded, 6 F's awarded, and 47 S's awarded (also 1 Incomplete and 5 W's.)  A 95% success rate of C or above.


These grades were awarded through student grades achieved on written examinations, course related presentations and course related projects.


During this academic year three students made Junior Portfolio Review presentations during the Tuesday afternoon Theatre majors meeting.  Five students had public senior project presentations, one designing lights for Hyronomous A. Frog, one designing costumes for Sylvia, one presenting an Acting Recital in the Black Box Theatre, and the last producing an evening of improv comedy.


Learning Objective 2.  To develop the ability to produce good theatre.


The Theatre Discipline produced three student productions and three major shows during the 2002-2003 academic year:  Dancing at Luhgnasa, Sylvia, and a children's show,  Hyronomous A. Frog.  In these shows there were opportunities for 158 students to participate in our production program, of that number approximately 36 were theatre majors.  There were opportunities for the audience to discuss the performance and the script with every production except the children's show.  Each discipline production was discussed and evaluated at the following Theatre majors meeting with all theatre faculty, the cast, crew members and theatre majors attending.  Any interested students are invited to participate and observe.


Each show was well received by the audience and well reviewed by the University Register.


During this academic year our productions were reviewed favorably by four outside evaluators.  Two were American College Theatre Festival Adjudicators, Theresa Carson from Moorhead State University and Michael Reese from Augustana College.  Also, two productions were reviewed for directors' tenure files, one by Shelia Tabaka from Southwest State University and one by Lori Horvik from North Dakota State University.  All of these reviews were extremely positive.


Two of our students competed in the Irene Ryan Acting Competition at ACTF in Kansas City. MO.  At least one student auditioned for summer theatre opportunities at the Festival in Kansas City and received work as a result of the audition.


Three students were accepted into graduate level theatre programs.


Learning Objective 3.  To develop an appreciation of quality theatre.


Students in the following courses wrote formal critical reviews of discipline plays produced during the semester:


  Fundamentals of Design

  Intro to Theatre

  World Theatre: History and Literature I

  World Theatre: History and Literature II


   Creative Dramatics for Children

   Fundamentals of Directing

   Acting and Directing I

   Acting and Directing II


The children's theatre productions generate lots of written response from students.  The responses are usually positive and are frequently posted so each theatre student can read the younger student audience reactions.


Campus response to our production program is positive.  Each of the faculty members receives numerous email congratulatory notes after a production.  Once again, these notes are frequently posted.




Judging by the methods of measurement outlined in our Theatre Discipline Assessment Document, Learning Objective 1, 2 and 3 are being adequately met.

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