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Article I, Section 4 of UMM Bylaws:
Campus Resources and Planning Committee

A. Membership
The Campus Resources and Planning Committee consists of sixteen members, including seven faculty members, four students, one civil service person, and four ex officio, non-voting members of the administration, one of whom shall be the Superintendent of Plant Services, and one the Coordinator of Minnesota Plan II.

B. Powers
The Campus Resources and Planning Committee develops, reviews, and recommends policies with long-range implications for the development of the human and physical resources of the campus. The committee considers matters relating to institutional mission, student recruitment and retention, organizational patterns, faculty development, allocation of financial resources, legislative requests, energy policy, and the development of physical facilities.

2010-11 Campus Resources and Planning Committee Members

Bart Finzel, Social Sciences, Chair
Margaret Kuchenreuther, Science & Math
Carol Marxen, Education
Martin Seggelke, Humanities
Dave Swenson, Student Activities
Dave Aronson, Plant Services
Andy Sharpe, Financial Aid
Pam Gades, Civil Service

LeAnn Dean, Library
Maddy Maxeiner, External Relations
Lowell Rasmussen, Plant Services
Sara Haugen, Commission on Women
Mark Privatsky, Student
Zak Forde, Student
Sydney Sweep, Student
Josh Preston, Student

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Bart Finzel, Chair, Resources and Planning Committee
Carrie Grussing, Support Staff