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Functions and Awards Committee

The Functions and Awards committee is an adjunct committee of the Scholastic Committee, a standing Assembly committee. Membership is listed on the Assembly and Adjunct Committee roster. The Functions and Awards Committee develops and recommends awards for scholarship and special merit, and in conjunction with the Chancellor's Office, assists with the development, planning, and execution of academic and awards ceremonies.

Deadlines and calls for nominations (along with any necessary forms) are transmitted electronically by the Special Events Coordinator, an ex-officio member of the committee.

Alumni Association Teaching Award (University of Minnesota, Morris)

Allen W. Edson Award
The Edson award is presented annually in recognition of a student's total contribution to campus life. The award was established in 1960 from funds donated in memory of Allen W. Edson, superintendent of the West Central School of Agriculture from 1948 until his death in 1958, for whom Edson Auditorium is named. The award recognizes outstanding achievement, scholarship, leadership, and character. The participation of the student in campus activities, along with his/her executive service and nature of offices held, are two of the suggested indications of a student's potential to receive a nomination.

Edith R. Farrell Award

Mimi Frenier Award in Women's Studies

Curtis H. Larson Award
Curtis Larson was UMM's first class speaker in 1964. He entered the Peace Corps after graduation and died in an automobile accident in Ecuador. Candidates for this award should be actively involved in the campus community, have the ability to represent the views of the graduating class and of UMM as a whole, and be a capable speaker. Nominations are sought electronically each spring, after which a ballot is prepared and distributed to faculty and graduating seniors. The senior who receives the most votes is the recipient of the Curtis H. Larson Award and is thereby named the student speaker at commencement.

Mary Martelle Award
Previous Martelle winners, staff

Scholar of the College
The Scholar of the College awards are selective and are presented annually to students who have demonstrated distinguished contributions to scholarship (e.g. research, artistic endeavor, performance) in one or more of the academic disciplines. Students are nominated by faculty and endorsed by the Functions and Awards Committee. A student must be nominated with substantiation by one or more faculty. The Functions and Awards Committee reviews nominations. Those nominations endorsed by the Committee are submitted to the Executive Committee for approval, must be circulated to faculty for perusal, and finally are submitted to the Campus Assembly for discussion and approval. The award may be given to a student more than once.