Scholastic Committee

2013–14 Membership


  • Jennifer Goodnough, chair
  • James Wojtaszek
  • Steve Gross
  • Roland Guyotte
  • Pete Wyckoff

Senate Committee on Educational Policy

  • Nic McPhee


  • Chad Bragelmann
  • Hilda Ladner


  • Marcy Prince
  • Laddie Arnold
  • Sae Sun Kim
  • Andrew Sletten

Ex officio

  • Clare Dingley, registrar
  • Jennifer Zych Herrmann, dean’s designee
  • Judy Korn, Scholastic Committee executive staff


  • Brenda Boever


The Scholastic Committee consists of fifteen members, including:


The Scholastic Committee develops, reviews, and recommends policies affecting the quality of education. It is concerned with such matters as admissions, academic progress, academic advising, student academic honesty, scholarship, and graduation. It has the power to grant exceptions to academic regulations when the spirit of such regulations has been satisfied. The committee admits students and evaluates transfer credit in accordance with standards established by the campus assembly.

The Scholastic Committee:

The transfer evaluation coordinator, for the Scholastic Committee, awards transfer credit consistent with college and all-University transfer policy.

—from the UMM Constitution and By-Laws