University of Minnesota Morris

Repeating Courses

See #6 under F in the Other Provisions section of the Grading and Transcripts policy

Repeating a course at Morris

The University of Minnesota registration system enforces the one repeat rule* as defined in the Grading and Transcripts policy. Students may repeat a course one time. In addition, if space is not available in the class, a Morris student who earned a grade of C or higher or an S in a particular course may be denied enrollment in that course. The University registration system will not allow students to register for a course they have already taken twice. Attempting to register for a course for a third time will result in an error message in the registration system.

*Repeat rules do not apply if the repeated course carries the same course designator and number but the content differs each term, or if the course is designated “repetitions allowed.”

Petitioning for exemption for the one repeat rule

Students are entitled to petition the Scholastic Committee for exemption to the one repeat rule, although petitions are not likely to be approved. In most cases, repeating a course more than once is not a good use of time and resources. It impacts timely graduation and, potentially, increases tuition costs and debt load.

Students who wish to petition for an exemption to the one course repeat rule must meet with their advisers to thoroughly discuss the impact of taking a course for a third time. Recommended discussion topics include the cost of the repeated course; timely graduation; the effect of an anticipated GPA on a course grade below C; and plans to complete the major.

The Registrar reviews petitions on behalf of the Scholastic Committee. Petitions will be critiqued on a number of points, including but not limited to the following petition guidelines:

The Registrar is empowered by the Scholastic Committee to make decisions to deny or accept petitions based on the petition guidelines. Graduate school or special program requirements, if applicable, may be considered, as well as the adviser and/or course instructor’s view.

If you wish to petition to take a course for a third time, download the petition form. After completing, send or bring the document to the Office of the Registrar, 212 Behmler Hall.

If denied by the Registrar, students are entitled to bring their petitions to the full Scholastic Committee. Contact the Advising Coordinator for more information about the process.

Petitions to take a course for a fourth time will not be considered.