Assessment of Student Learning



  • Kristin Lamberty, chair
  • Chris Atkinson
  • Stephen Burks
  • Rebecca Dean
  • Wendy Emo
  • Wes Flinn
  • James Wojtaszek


  • Joe Kleckner
  • TBD


  • Tricia Rohloff

Ex officio

  • Nancy Helsper


The Assessment of Student Learning Committee consists of eleven members:

Each of the four constituencies elects its own representatives, in the spring or by special election in the event of a vacancy. Members are expected to represent their own constituencies but also act in the best interests of the entire campus community. Terms are for two years with a maximum of three consecutive terms. The committee elects its own chair.


The Assessment of Student Learning Committee oversees and provides support to all aspects of the assessment process, receives all data and materials generated by assessment activities, recommends improvements in the assessment program, and disseminates reports on the results of assessment and the initiatives based on assessment intended to improve student learning.