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LaFave House Policies

LaFave House

LaFave House Policies and Guidelines for LaFave House Use

Any special arrangements and set ups for your event at LaFave House must be agreed upon two weeks prior to your event and will be noted on your contract.

LaFave House and LaFave House grounds may not be used without the house manager or a designated representative present.

Dancing and amplified music are not permitted in LaFave House.

The throwing of rice, confetti, or litter of any kind is prohibited.

Children must be under adult supervision at all times. Please contact the caterer to make special arrangements (i.e. highchairs) for small children.

Any object that must be moved will be moved by a staff member only. If the grand piano is moved you will be required to pay the tuning costs.

Any special use of objects must be approved by the house manager or his/her designee in advance in writing.

LaFave House staff reserve the right to take appropriate action to enforce these policies.

Parking is not available on College Avenue during the academic year. You may park in the West Lot during the hours of 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. with a visitor permit. After 5 p.m. no permit is required. During the non-academic year, parking is available on College Avenue or in the West Lot throughout the day, no permit required.

The University reserves the right to cancel your event when circumstances make it necessary. You will be given sufficient notice to make arrangements elsewhere.