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Alumni Annual Fund

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Because no dues are charged for membership, the Alumni Annual Fund serves as the University of Minnesota, Morris Alumni Association's collective operational and philanthropic arm. Alumni Annual Fund gifts support programming and activities for alumni and current students. The board of directors distributes funds to support projects such as Homecoming and regional alumni events, Profile, student activities, and as grants to students to participate in educational conferences, etc.

Photo: Nearly 40 alums (from near and far) visited with students on campus for the second annual Alumni and Students Networking Event!

Alumni Annual Fund
The University of Minnesota, Morris Alumni Association’s collective operational and philanthropic funding arm. Provides support for scholarships, alumni engagement, events, networking, and more.
Cougar Pride Fund
Endowed fund to to support inter-varsity athletics, established 2007.
Alumni Impact Fund
Endowed fund to support activities that benefit students, faculty, staff, alumni and the Morris campus, established 2007.
Networking Fund
To financially support the University of Minnesota, Morris Alumni Association's efforts to establish and maintain a networking program that allows UMM students and alumni to connect with one another for mentoring, internship, and employment opportunities, in person and on-line.
First-Year Academic Scholarship
Scholarships funded on academic merit; funded by contributions to the Alumni Annual Fund
Morris on the Move
Alumni social, networking and service events held throughout the country for alumni of all ages.
Morris Connect
Alumni and students networking tool that offers the ability to network online 24/7/365!
On campus events
Events inviting alumni back to campus to experience the stimulating and inspiring academic and organization success at Morris such as Jazz Fest, Homecoming, academic lectures, and more.
Distinguished Alumni Award and Teaching Award.
Current Student Events
Alumni Association sponsored events to connect current students with alumni and promote the UMMAA. Four events per year include a first-year ice cream social, sophomore pizza night, Alumni and Students Networking Event, and Annual Senior Banquet
Senior Legacy
The senior class at Morris takes the first step in becoming part of the philanthropy legacy at Morris.
Morris Connect
Alumni and students networking tool that offers the ability to network online 24/7/365!

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