University of Minnesota Morris

Faculty and Staff Giving

A Little Goes a Long Way

2014-2015 Faculty Staff Giving Appeal

Faculty and staff of the University of Minnesota, Morris are generous supporters of the University of Minnesota, Morris through their annual gifts.

A success stories for 2014-2015 is the Faculty Staff Scholarship, a priority fund for the campus giving committee, which has been awarded for a second time. Continued support by our campus community will help reach the important next goals for the fund, which are to increase the size of the award as well as the number of student recipients.

The generosity of the campus community has been felt not only in this milestone but also in support of other scholarships, athletics, Briggs Library, Bos and Catalyst funds, student research, music lessons, and much more.

Faculty Staff Giving Committee
Jim Cotter, chair, Jayne Blodgett , LeAnn Dean , Pam Gades, Pieranna Garavaso , Bryan Herrmann, Jane Kill, Matt Zaske, Carla Riley, ex. Officio

For more information or questions contact Alisande Allaben, annual giving coordinator, x6396 or

In partnership with the University of Minnesota Foundation, 100 percent of all gifts designated to the Morris campus are received by and invested in the Morris campus. All gifts may be designated “in honor” or in “in memory” to recognize people or happenings in your life.