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  • University of Minnesota, Morris
  • University of Minnesota, Morris

What are the hours of TMC during the school year?

  1. Monday through Thursday – 7:15 am to 10:00 pm
  2. Friday – 7:30 am to 7:00 pm
  3. Saturday – Closed
  4. Sunday – Closed

What is sold at the Information Desk?

Lots of things! We currently sell tickets for the bus, transit, and campus events, as well as refill papercut accounts and discounted movie theatre tickets. And don’t forget about the delicious coffee and snacks that can be purchased at Higbies!

Can I fax something or receive a fax at the Information Desk, and how much does it cost?

Yes, there is a fax machine available while the information desk is open. Also, you can receive faxes by using the number 1–320–589–6127
Prices are as follows:

Send Fax

Receive Fax

What is the deal with discounted movie tickets sold at the information desk?

We sell movie theater tickets to UMM students for $5.00 instead of the $6.50 tickets at the theater. You can buy 2 tickets per student ID.

What newspaper subscriptions are sold at the info desk?

The New York Times is sold for $42.50 and Star Tribune is sold for $20.30 for the whole semester. Come to the info desk to sign up for a subscription the first few weeks of each semester.

How do I reserve a room in the student center, or register for tabling?

Visit the Student Activities office in the bottom level of the Student Center and they will handle your request.

How many posters may I hang in the student center, and how do I go about doing that?

There is a 6 poster limit for the student center. The normal size is 8 ½ x 11, but larger posters are allowed. Come to the information desk during open hours and we will sign them. They must be signed to be put up

What equipment does the information desk have for use?