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APAS Tutorial

How to Read an APAS Degree Audit PDF printed version

The Academic Progress Audit System (APAS) provides students and advisers with accurate reports on how students are meeting all the requirements for a bachelor of arts degree. APAS reports are individualized, computerized records that compare all coursework with the requirements for a particular major.

Look at APAS before registration, after registration, after grades are in.

Symbols Used in APAS Reports

These are the most frequently used symbols in the APAS report. Requirement symbols indicate whether or not your requirements are complete.

Sections of the APAS Report

The APAS report is divided into sections, each addressing a portion of the degree requirements (for example: number of credits to graduate, General Education requirements in each of the categories required, major credits and minor credits, and so on). Some sections will also list courses that need to be taken in order to complete the requirements for that section. This information can help students and advisers plan future terms by giving details of what is needed to graduate. The Office of the Registrar also utilizes APAS for finalizing degree clearance and posting degrees on students' records.

Report Heading

Information in this heading includes the date and time the APAS report was prepared along with information from the academic record: student name, student ID number. The bulletin term/year refers to the degree requirements under which your report was prepared, which defaults to the catalog that was in effect when a student first enrolls.

General Student Information

This section of the APAS report contains general information on enrollment and current adviser. It includes holds along with directions for clearing those holds.

Completion Status Line

This section of the APAS report summarizes at a glance whether you have completed your degree requirements. The most common one is at least one requirement has not been satisfied.

Requirement Blocks

The APAS report is separated into blocks. The blocks represent a portion of the total number of requirements. Each block begins with the name of the requirement and lists subrequirements. To the left of the title, a symbol tells you whether you have completed that requirement (a green check mark for completed, IP (In Progress) for completed with current coursework, and a red for not completed). Subrequirements also have symbols indicating whether or not they are completed (+ for completed, - for not completed, and * indicating that the subrequirement has had credits assigned).

All courses that have been taken to fulfill requirements are listed after the subrequirement with the term and year it was taken, the number of credits, and the grade received (a symbol of IP is used for any courses in progress). When a subrequirement is not yet complete, the select from indicates all courses that can be used to complete the subrequirement. Some subrequirements reflect events to be completed (such as admission to a program) rather than courses or credits needed and are usually self explanatory. The number of courses needed or credits needed to complete a subrequirement will be detailed next to the word needs.

Watch for: 4ENGL1101 4.0 A >D This means there is a problem!

Note - for the online version: Each requirement is listed with a RED X or green check mark next to it which when clicked will allow you to expand that section to view the details.

Notice that the following message is included in each report generated:

This report has been prepared to assist you in meeting degree requirements. While every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, final responsibility for meeting graduation requirements resides with you.

This report does not assure degree or licensure certification. The Registrar and the faculty certify completion of requirements.

Note to Advisers Regarding APAS

The family educational rights and privacy act of 1974 as amended prohibits the release of this record or disclosure of its contents to any third party without the written consent of the student.

Advisers and students work together to understand the various sections of the APAS report and plan out how to satisfy degree requirements.

If you believe an APAS report contains errors, please contact the Office of the Registrar.