University of Minnesota Morris

Canceling Out of College

Checklist for canceling all Morris Classes

Use this checklist if you are planning on leaving the University of Minnesota Morris for one semester or longer. You do not need to complete this checklist if you are leaving for a study abroad or National Student Exchange program. Until an official notice of cancellation is received in the Office of the Registrar, spaces in classes are reserved, and tuition and fees charges continue to accrue regardless of nonattendance.

Contact your academic adviser, instructors, and One Stop Student Services.
Taking incompletes and finishing your course work at a later time may be a better option than withdrawing for some students. You may wish to discuss this option with your instructors, adviser, and One Stop Student Services.
Speak to a One Stop Student Services Counselor.
You may be required to repay all or a portion of your financial aid which can include grants, scholarships, employment, and/or loans. If you are transferring to another institution, you may need to cancel future financial aid at Morris before your new school can award your financial aid. For more information, visit One Stop Student Services.
Drop your classes.
If you are leaving the University for any reason, you must cancel your classes before the end of the 10th week of the semester. You will need to cancel your last class with the Office of the Registrar. Please use the Complete Cancellation Form to avoid receiving "F" grades for your classes. You may be responsible for all or part of the tuition and fees if you cancel after the first week of classes for fall or spring semester. You will receive a grade of "W" for each class you cancel after the second week of the term. Summer deadlines will vary. Check the cancel/add deadlines and the refund deadlines. Be sure to cancel any registrations for future terms if you do not plan on returning. After the 10th week of classes until the last day of instruction, students may petition to withdraw from one, or more, or all classes due to documented extenuating circumstances.
Pay any remaining tuition, fees, and other charges on your student account.
You will not be able to re-register at the University or request an official transcript if there are past due charges on your account. Past due accounts may be referred to a collection agency and/or result in legal action. Pay your bill at the cashier window of the Business Office, 205 Behmler Hall.
Request a tuition refund, if applicable.
If you are leaving the University for medical or military reasons or for academic dismissal/suspension, you may be entitled to a partial or, in rare cases, a full tuition refund. See the instructions on the Tuition Refund Appeal form. You must provide third party documentation supporting your appeal.
Cancel your on-campus housing contract.

Contact your residence director or resident adviser as soon as you know you are cancelling, and get the proper forms and information for checking out of your residence hall or apartment. Failure to comply with check-out procedures may result in additional charges being assessed to you. Contact Residential Life for further information.

If you rent off-campus and plan to move from Morris, contact your landlord to discuss your options. There may be financial penalties for canceling your housing contract or lease.

Return books, equipment, and/or materials on loan from the University.
Library books, lab equipment, keys, sports equipment, etc. must be promptly returned to avoid late fees and/or replacement costs.
Update your address and phone number online.
Contact the Boynton Student Health Insurance Office.
You may no longer be covered by student health insurance once you withdraw. If you are covered under the University’s student health insurance, contact the Boynton insurance representative at 612-624-0627 to determine your status. If you are covered under a private policy and are no longer a student, contact the insurance carrier to investigate coverage.
International Students: Contact the Morris International Student Program.
SEVIS requires notification when an international student leaves the University.
Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.
If you have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum at Morris, contact the Transfer Coordinator before you cancel to ensure that this achievement is noted on your transcript.
Textbooks from the Bookstore can be returned at the beginning of the semester. Please leave a forwarding address with the Post Office. Contact the Cashier in the Business Office for a possible parking permit refund. Contact Dining Services to inquire about a meal plan refund.
Returning to Morris.
If you withdraw for only one term and you are in good academic standing, you may register for the following term without applying for readmission. If you interrupt your enrollment for more than one year, you will need to apply for readmission through the Office of Admissions.