University of Minnesota Morris

Dropping and Cancelling

Dropping a Course

Before dropping a class, students should be aware of potential impact on financial aid, tuition, fees, refunds, etc. Check with the One Stop Student Services and consult the checklist for additional information.

Weeks 1–2

Through the second week of the semester, each class a student drops will be removed from his/her record.

Weeks 3–10

From the third through the tenth week of class, each class a student drops will stay on his/her record with a mark of “W” (withdrawn).

Weeks 11–last day of class

After the tenth week of class, students may use the Discretionary One-Time Late Drop form to drop a single course with no questions asked. When the student officially withdraws from the class, a “W” will appear on her/his transcript for this class.

Extenuating Circumstances

Students who can document nonacademic reasons for withdrawing after the tenth week of class should use the Petition Form.


If a student stops attending a class and does not withdraw, the grade earned will appear on the transcript.

Use the registration system to officially drop a class.

Cancelling Out of College

Students who wish to drop all of their classes may do so until the end of the 10th week of classes. After the 10th week of classes until the last day of instruction, students may petition the Scholastic Committee to withdraw from one, or more, or all classes due to documented extenuating circumstances. Please refer to the canceling checklist for more information.