University of Minnesota Morris

Incomplete Contract Information

Per the Grading and Transcripts policy, a signed incomplete contract is required in order to place an incomplete symbol on a student’s record.

If a student cannot complete coursework on time because of extraordinary circumstances, the instructor may allow an incomplete contract and place an incomplete symbol on the student’s record.

A substantial portion of the coursework should already be completed before an incomplete contract is implemented. At least 70 percent of the work should be completed.

Incomplete contracts should provide details. What are the student’s circumstances? How long does the student have to complete the work? What are the assignments that must be completed? What is the grade the student will earn if the assignments are not completed?

If you are discussing the possibility of an incomplete contract with a student, please inquire if the student has incompletes from earlier semesters or if the student is seeking incompletes from other instructors for the semester. It is good to have the full picture of the student’s situation before making a decision.

If the work is not completed, I symbols become F or N grades at the end of the time period agreed upon by the instructor and student OR automatically at the end of one academic year.

Students under an incomplete contract cannot audit that class, repeat that class, or withdraw from that class. After an incomplete is accepted by a student, the next step…and the final step…is a grade for that class. The only exception to this rule is completing the degree. If the class is not needed to fulfill a requirement for the degree, students may graduate with an I on their record.

Students who are studying at Morris under an academic contract are not allowed to continue the following semester if they accept an incomplete contract. The Student Scholastic Standing Committee (SSSC) readmits students who have been on suspension with an academic contract that includes this stipulation.

Students who are placed on probation or suspension with an I on their record may be able to return to good standing if they finish the work for the incomplete class. The flip side of this situation would be students whose incomplete contract allows them to avoid probation restrictions or avoid suspension.

Students can complete work under an incomplete contract even if they are not enrolled at Morris.

Instructors may agree to extend the time period of an incomplete contract if they choose to do so…even beyond one academic year.

Instructors may accept work from a student even after the incomplete contract time period has expired and a grade has been awarded.

November 2016