University of Minnesota Morris

Commencement Ceremony Eligibility

Students at Graduation

Morris has one Commencement Ceremony per year, in May on the campus mall or, if inclement weather, in the PE Center. Eligible students completing degrees during spring, summer, or fall semesters march in the ceremony with a representative of the University of Minnesota Board of Regents, faculty, and administrators.

Participation in the Commencement Ceremony is determined according to policy established by the Campus Assembly in 1980.

“Students who are within 15 credits of the 120 required for graduation, and who can verify registration in courses that will complete all outstanding credits and requirements, may participate in the ceremony as a graduating senior.”

At Morris, faculty determine if requirements for the major will be complete in order to be eligible for participation in the Commencement Ceremony. In early February, APAS reports for students are sent to the discipline coordinators to review and approve for each major.

All eligible students will see the following message printed at the top of their APAS reports:

In addition, the APAS categories, both general education requirements and major/minor requirements, will show green checkmarks.

Eligible students may choose not to attend the ceremony and/or request that their names not be included in the printed program.

Eligibility Checklist