University of Minnesota Morris

Degree Application Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I apply for my degree?
Access the degree application through your MyU academic tab.
Why apply online?
Applying for graduation is a necessary step toward earning your degree and being included in the printed commencement program. It also makes you an applicant for the Commencement Graduation ceremony. Satisfying “commencement eligibility” requirements will make the final determination regarding participation. Please note that participating in the Commencement Ceremony is optional.
Who can use the online Degree Application?
Undergraduates who have completed 90 or more credits.
I think I’m eligible to apply online, but I can’t get into the system. What should I do?
Contact the Office of the Registrar at 320-589-6030.
What are the financial aid consequences for applying for my degree?
Applying for a degree may have serious consequences for your eligibility. More Information »
What if I don’t see the graduation term I want?
Either the deadline has passed or you may be applying too early. If you believe your desired graduation term should be listed, but it is not, or if you don’t know which term to select, contact the Office of the Registrar at 320-589-6030.
I missed the deadline to apply. What should I do?
Even though you may have missed the deadline for your desired term, you may be able to apply for a future term online. If you have extenuating circumstances and must graduate in a term not listed, you will need to apply in person at the Office of the Registrar.
My major or minor is not correctly listed on my APAS. What should I do?
Change your major or minor through the Office of Academic Advising before you apply for your degree.
Can I go back in my application if I think I entered something incorrectly?
Before you submit the application, you will have the opportunity to return to a previous step to make changes. You will also be asked to review your application before you submit it. Changes can be made at that time. After you submit your application, you will need to submit changes through the Office of the Registrar.
Where do I submit the address to which my diploma should be mailed?
After you apply for your degree, submit the address to which you wish your diploma to be mailed through student information update. Remember, it takes four to six weeks to receive your diploma. When choosing your address, keep in mind that your diploma will be mailed in a nonbendable envelope through the United States Postal Service.
I want my diploma sent to a third party. How do I do this?
To send your degree to a third party, enter the address in the “Diploma Address” field. Include “In care of” on the first line of the address field followed by the name of the person who will receive your diploma.
I am an international student. What is the fastest way for my diploma to be delivered to my home country?
Request that your diploma be sent to you via FedEx. The form is found online.