University of Minnesota Morris

Contemplating transfer from Morris

Contemplating transfer from Morris

The University of Minnesota, Morris provides resources for students who are contemplating transferring to another college or campus.

Preparing to transfer

After you have taken advantage of the resources at the Morris campus, you should make an appointment to talk with an adviser/counselor in the college you wish to explore. Be sure to ask about course transfer and admission criteria. The receiving college or university decides which credits transfer from Morris and whether those credits meet its degree requirements.

If you are considering transferring from the University of Minnesota, Morris to a Minnesota community college or state university, you may be eligible for the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MNTC) designation. If you have completed Morris’s 13 general education categories and have earned 60 liberal arts credits outside the discipline of your major, your transcript may be certified to reflect that you have completed the MNTC. Contact the transfer evaluation coordinator to request that the notation be added to your transcript.

The Transferology transfer tool may be a valuable resource as you contemplate transferring to another college. Remember that in transferring from Morris, Morris will be the “source” institution and the college to which you wish to transfer will be the “target” or receiving institution.