University of Minnesota Morris

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

Transfer students who have earned an associate of arts from a Minnesota institution or have earned the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MNTC) prior to enrolling at Morris as degree-seeking students will have all general education requirements for a bachelor of arts satisfied except for the foreign language requirement. Also note that Morris students must earn 60 credits in liberal arts coursework outside the discipline of their majors.

The associate of arts or MNTC statement must be posted on the transcript submitted to the University of Minnesota, Morris in order for a student to receive MNTC credits at Morris.

While associate of arts earned at nonMinnesota colleges do not qualify for the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, all transfer courses completed will be evaluated for Morris general education fulfillment. Prospective out-of-state students planning to transfer to Morris after completing an associate of arts may request a course prior approval to confirm that courses completed at the out-of-state institution will fulfill Morris general education requirements upon admission.

General Education Requirements satisfied with MNTC at Morris

Skills for the Liberal Arts

Expanding Perspectives

  1. Historical Perspectives (Hist)
  2. Human Behavior, Social Processes, and Institutions (SS)
  3. Communication, Language, Literature, and Philosophy (Hum)
  4. Fine Arts (FA)
  5. Physical and Biological Sciences (Sci—without lab; Sci-L—with lab)
  6. The Global Village—at least two categories required
    1. Human Diversity (HDiv)
    2. People and the Environment (Envt)
    3. International Perspective (IP)
    4. Ethical and Civic Responsibility (E/CR)

Transferring from Morris with MNTC

If you are transferring from the Morris campus to a different University of Minnesota campus, a Minnesota community college, or a Minnesota state university, you may wish to have your Morris transcript evaluated for the MNTC. If you have completed the 13 categories of general education and 60 liberal arts credits, you may request that your transcript be certified to reflect that you have completed the MNTC. Contact the transfer specialist or the Office of the Registrar to request that the notation be added to your transcript.