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Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean

University of Minnesota, Morris
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Date: November 16, 2009
Memo to: All UMM Faculty
From: Cheryl K. Contant, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean
Subject: Final Examination Policy

A final exam schedule is available through the Registrar's Office Web site <>.  You are required to follow this exam schedule and the policy outlined there. Students and faculty interested in the final exam policy should look at the following Web site, the University of Minnesota Policy on Classes, Schedules, and Final Examinations For Semesters <>.
According to the Senate Committee on Educational Policy, the final exam is the last exam of the term, whether or not it is cumulative.
Similarly, as you prepare your courses for fall semester remember to follow this same policy. Exams must be given during the regularly scheduled final examination period unless an exception has been granted to the professor of a course.