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Final Exam Policy Clarification
UMM Scholastic Committee

According to the Senate Committee on Educational Policy, the final exam is the last exam of the term, whether or not that exam is cumulative. The intent of the rule is to avoid having significant exams during the last week when out of class work would also normally be due. Faculty may not schedule an exam in the last week of class in lieu of an exam in the finals week. Thus, while a unit exam during the last week of class plus a cumulative final during final's week is discouraged, it would be acceptable. Additionally, lab practicums may be given during the last week of classes. Term papers, take home tests, and other out-of-class work that is assigned before the last week of class can be expected to be due the last day of the regular class. The rule also seeks to exclude take-home final exams being handed out and due during the last week, in effect the same thing as having a final exam the last week. Ideally, faculty would accept out-of-class work on the day of the scheduled final exam, if no final exam is scheduled.

The intent of the above rules is that work during the last week of class and during finals week is spread out as much as possible.