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Faculty Leaves and Sabbaticals

Academic development leaves allow faculty to devote concentrated time to studies, investigations, research, scholarly writing, and artistic projects. Such leaves may also be used for curriculum development and other improvements in teaching practice.

Standards, eligibility, procedures, and conditions for faculty development leaves are defined by the Regents Policy on Employee Development, Education, and Training.

Human Resources Policy on Faculty Development Leaves

Sabbatical Leaves
Sabbatical leaves provide eligible faculty with the opportunity to devote one academic year to research and creative activity and receive at least one half of their normal compensation. The sabbatical stipend may be supplemented through the University of Minnesota Sabbatical Supplement Program which can provide up to an additional 30% of the faculty members base salary, although in recent years, depending on the number of sabbaticants, the supplement has averaged about half that amount. Faculty may also pursue other fellowships and research grants to supplement their income, in keeping with University policies. The campus has limited funds to assist disciplines in hiring replacement faculty members and so in making plans faculty members should be aware that their discipline might not be able to hire a full replacement.

A faculty member is entitled to a sabbatical leave after six years of academic service, with review and scheduling at the department/collegiate levels and approval of the dean.

Application Forms
Download the Faculty Sabbatical form.

Faculty Sabbatical Supplement Program
The Faculty Sabbatical Supplement Program provides supplemental funds to academic units to support sabbaticals and development leaves for recommended tenured faculty. A portion of this central fund is allocated to each college and campus based on its proportion of the University’s tenured faculty. This program provides funds to supplement up to the lesser of 30% or $30,000 of the A- or B-base salary (not including fringe) for faculty who are recommended to receive this benefit. Salary supplement funds must be matched by 1/3 using college or campus resources.

Sabbatical supplements are awarded using criteria and procedures established by each college and coordinate campus. Faculty seeking this supplemental award should contact the dean, director, or chancellor of their academic unit.

Download the Sabbatical Supplement Program Application Form.

Single Semester Leaves
Single Semester Leaves provide eligible faculty members with the opportunity to devote one full semester to research and creative activity at full pay. The campus is allowed to award a limited number of single semester leaves, normally four, and competition has become quite stiff. In keeping with University policies, it is assumed that the faculty member will devote all of the leave to research and creative activity. The campus receives no additional funding for this program and so in making plans faculty members should be aware that their discipline will be unable to hire any replacement faculty.

Faculty are eligible for a single semester leave after two academic years of service (probationary faculty) or after four academic years of service (tenured faculty).

Applicable UMM Policy
UMM Single Semester Leave Policy

Application Forms
Complete the Single Semester Leave form.

Faculty Leave Report Template
Leave Report Template