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The University of Minnesota, Morris offers the Morris Academic Partnership (MAP) program, in which faculty select academically talented, qualified third-year students to assist them in scholarly and creative projects.

Selected MAP students undertake assignments intended to enhance their intellectual competence and increase their interest in graduate or professional study.

Application forms are available here: MAP Application Form

Note: Students do not apply directly to the MAP Program.

We also offer MAPs that begin in the summer and continue through the student's junior academic year. The stipends offered for these MAPs are $2,000 for summer and $1,450 each of the following two semesters.


* The MAP program is available to academically talented juniors (by credit status).
* A Morris Academic Partner is expected to have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 at the time of selection.
* A Morris Academic Partner is required to carry a minimum of 12 credits per semester.
* Stipends of $2900 are paid in two parts, at $1450 per semester, contingent upon evidence of successful progress and the desire of the faculty involved to continue the MAP.
* Stipends are non-renewable.
* A MAP stipend takes the place of any other work-study assignments. No other on-campus work may be carried out for the duration of the Partnership.
* A Morris Academic Partner is not on an hourly payroll. As a guideline, MAP projects should average eight hours of student involvement per week.
* A MAP is not available for credit.


* A faculty member completes an application form and submits it to his/her division chair.
* The division chair approves the form and forwards it to the Dean's Office for consideration.
* The Dean's Office notifies the faculty member and the student of the decision via campus email.


* MAP Applications for the 2015-2016 academic year are due in the Dean's Office on Tuesday, April 7, 2015.
* Final reports from both the student and the MAP supervisor are due in the Dean's Office on May 1.

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For information concerning this program, contact the UMM Dean's Office at 315 Behmler Hall, 589-6015, or

Download the Form: MAP Application Form
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