Procedures for Considering Awarding Tenure at UMM

All faculty on a tenure track receive an annual review from the Committee of Tenured Faculty within their Division, and from their Division Chair, and both documents become part of the individual's dossier.

1. Notice. Early applications for tenure require notification of the Division in the Spring of the year before the review takes place (different for different Divisions). Individuals regularly scheduled for a tenure review will be notified by their Division.

2. File. A dossier has been accumulating within the Division, and needs to be brought into presentational condition by the candidate. It includes a resume, list of teaching and other assignments, committee service records, student evaluations, outside evaluations, reports of probationary evaluations, etc. In some Divisions, the Chair, or a deputy, helps prepare the file.

3. Division. The Committee of Tenured Faculty within the Division meets and votes on the candidacy of members. The Division Chair is a voting member of the Division Committee. Meetings are usually held in November.

4. Division Chair. The Chair prepares a report of the Divisional decision, which requires approval of the Committee of Tenured Faculty of the Division. She/he also prepares an independent recommendation, in either agreement or disagreement. The faculty member sees, and has the opportunity to comment upon, the report of the Division and Division Chair. Sent to the Dean by November 12.

5. Dean. The Dean makes the file available to the Level II Committee by November 15.

6. Level II Committee. This group serves as a consultant to the dean, and assesses cross-institutional fairness, equity, etc. A copy of the recommendation of this group must be supplied to the candidate, and becomes part of the file. Date returned to the Dean: January 19.

7. Dean. The Dean makes an evaluation and recommendation, which must be sent to the candidate and the division Tenure Committee via the Division Chair, which is then forwarded with the recommendations of the Level II Committee, Division Chair and Division Committee to the Chancellor. Date: January 24.

8. Dean of the Graduate School. Serving as a consultant to the Chancellor, the office of the Dean of the Graduate School at the Twin Cities campus makes an assessment of the candidate's professional career in the context of the greater University of Minnesota. Date sent and returned: January 24; February 4.

9. Chancellor. The Chancellor makes his/her decision. If it differs with that of any individual or group earlier in the process, that individual/group and the candidate must be notified.

10. Executive Vice President and Provost (EVP&P). The Chancellor informs the EVP&P (Twin Cities) of the decision by February 7, for entry into data base and presentation to the Regents at their April meeting.

11. Notice. The deadline for final written notification of the candidate is May 6.

12. Appeal. Appeals are made to the all-University Judicial Committee on the Twin Cities campus, within 30 days of receipt of written notice.


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