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The University of Minnesota, Morris provides a variety of services for official University websites. These services include:

Service Description Office(s)
Web Design Creating/Managing a website’s look and feel University Relations
Branding Using Morris campus logos, color palettes, graphic identity, and style guides. University Relations
Graphic Design Creating graphics for use in print, web, and more University Relations
Graphic Identity Guidelines Using Morris campus logos, color palettes University Relations
Web Editing & Content Creation Writing content for websites University Relations
Site Creation Creating a new site to be included in the Morris website University Relations
Web Statistics Tracking use of your website. Information Technology
Web Development Creating web based applications for your unit Information Technology
Website Support & Maintenance Updating your site content. University Relations
Information Technology
UMContent University Relations
Information Technology
Streaming Video Live video on the web Instructional & Media Technologies
Course Websites Websites dedicated to course related materials Instructional & Media Technologies
Focus Groups Organizing and facilitating focus groups for websites and accessibility University Relations
Information Technology